In this Beauty and Style video tutorial you will learn how to make homemade deep hair conditioners. Robert Steinken, hair stylist from Los Angeles presents this video. Take mayonnaise; depending on the length of your hair take half a cup to up to a cup.

But there one salad in particular where quinoa fits so perfectly that it almost feels like it part of the original dish: tabbouleh. This Middle Eastern salad is usually made with bulgur wheat, but it now often made with couscous. Both of these ingredients resemble quinoa in many ways, so the Andean seed is a natural substitution.

What better way to save cash than by bringing your own drinks to dinner? Il Forno Restaurant is not licensed to serve alcohol and encourages you to bring a bottle to compliment its Northern Italian creations. The specials largely involve meat,toms sale, but there are vegetarian options as well. Appearing to be just a pizza place from the front, Il Forno has a dining room with capable waitstaff, as well as brick oven pizza, some slathered in pesto sauce.

Do you have an emergency product your customers need? Over the long weekend, I headed to the beach only to find that I had forgotten to pack my swimsuit. It was so hot and the ocean was so inviting I decided it would be worth it to buy a new swimsuit so I could plunge into the water. So I found myself in a beachside swimsuit store browsing the racks for my “emergency” purchase.

So,toms baby shoes, it is worth learning a bit more about alemtuzumab. I have assembled a number of useful sources: this video, this lancet abstract, this lancet abstract, this blog, this article comparing MS drugs, this abstract comparing MS drugs, the GCVRZ forum, and this article. See here for a negative opinion.

I do have some questions about both Super Bowl bound teams, though. Namely,toms shoes sale uk, what are they eating? Who has the most outrageous diet? I did a little research so I could pick my Super Bowl diet winner. That TMs just chicken. Eckhart plays Burke, a self help guru,toms mens sale, even though he has never dealt with the loss of his wife. Emotionally fragile, he bumps into the lovely Eloise (Aniston),toms footwear sale, who supplies the hotel with flowers from her shop. Their hesitant courtship alternates with Burke’s work at the seminar, especially with Walter (John Carroll Lynch), who has lost a son.

Choose a theme. Do you want your guests to step back in time to the year the birthday boy or girl was born? Or perhaps you want to have a party theme that reflects the guest of honor’s hobbies or interests. Costume parties are always a hit, too.

Immediately remove it and offer him a kibble,sale toms. Repeat process until you have given him his meal’s worth. The process will allow him to associate the muzzle with his food so that it is no longer a negative object to him. Turn the dough around and roll it into another long rectangle. Then fold it into thirds and brush off the excess flour. Wrap it in cling film and chill for at least 30 minutes.

You’re unlikely to choke on a pin bone. But eating fish is a more pleasant experience if you aren’t encountering those small, soft bones in every bite. Even if you buy a filleted piece of fish, they’re likely to be there.
This is a compound rate table. It’s a mathematical fact. If you start with just $10,000,toms cheap, even at 10%, you will have more than $450,kids toms sale,000 in 40 years.

Calling all you food connoisseurs out there! Welcome to the Food channel brought to you by BBC Worldwide. The place to find recipes you will love as well as hints and tips on how to improve your culinary skills. Whether you fancy yourself as a novice or master, learn the basics as well as the advanced from top British chefs including classic clips.

Note that this method requires using the registry editor in Windows. Modifying the registry can cause problems to Windows. Backup the registry before making any changes. Acrylic paints are the small bottles of craft paint that are sold in 2 ounce bottles in a wide variety of colors. They can sometimes be purchased very inexpensively. Tempera paint will work if you can’t get acrylic paints.

Company considered Christmas Day deliveries as an emergency measure, but much thought and consideration decided not to ask drivers to work on the holiday. Pulled in extra hours. We did a lot of Sunday deliveries, which we normally don do.
With the largest population in the world it is no surprise that Chinese food has traveled the world, with restaurants to be found in every major city. Although the Chinese population is vast, its food has been warmly accepted by the natives in most continents and in many countries there will be more Chinese restaurants than any other type. With its rich variety and adaptability its popularity is no great surprise.

The spy pen video recorder does not only look like a pen,womens toms shoes, but can also be used as a pen. Since you can write with it like a normal pen, you would not arouse suspicion. It’s not going overboard to say that the spy pen is the smallest digital video recording device ever produced.

:)To cut your pineapple. Firmly grasp the leaves and the base and twist in opposite directions. With a little force,womens toms on sale, they should twist apart leaving you with just the fruit base.Begin slicing the pineapple. Slice a meatball in half and put in the indentation. Add about 1 teaspoon of ketchup to the meatballs and cover with the top half of the roll. Repeat with the remaining rolls and filling.Arrange the sandies on a platter and serve.Recipe courtesy Giada De LaurentiisAfter seeing the show celebrating Giada daughter 1st birthday I thought this would be my answer to celebrating my own daughter 1st birthday.

Again, Jervis silently obeyed. Jervis, I want you to remove my bra and panties. Eyes downcast, Jervis obeyed. came back yeah yeah I don’t could not you know try to eat. Pretty health believe my son has Maxima and he’s allergic to gluten so. This book is gluten I did it for him but I in a way that you know you really can’t gluten free comic you know meatballs and and stuff like that so people are getting all worried that oh my gosh I was giving kids some weird diet everywhere they can’t eat anything you know like grilled cheese sandwiches tomato OK so I don’t know where they’re getting I think there’s that I say I like honey like raw honey.

The emergence of an Islamic State branch in Yemen adds yet another layer to the chaos gripping the country and threatens to give an even deeper sectarian slant to the conflict there. Zaydis, followers of a Shiite doctrine that is exists almost exclusively in Yemen,toms sale uk, account for just under a third of Yemen’s estimated 25 million, mostly Sunni people. The Houthis are Zaydis.

It’s a danger to anyone. That’s football. As a parent, we feel good [about] where he’s at.
,toms kids sale.
: How to make Italian Meatball Sliders I have been on a meatball kick lately. Meatballs are one of my new favorite type of foods. First finely dice the onion and garlic.

Keeping the heat low here is very important, as you don’t want the roux to burn. Add the milk and stir it all together for a couple of minutes. Let the sauce mixture heat up and thicken, about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
The Karnataka High Court is set to give its verdict on Monday on appeals filed by Ms. Jayalalithaa and three others against the Special Court Judge Michael D September 27 last verdict sentencing them to four years in jail and imposing a fine of Rs. 100 crore on her and Rs.

If you are looking for some new licks to incorporate into your solos on the electric guitar, then this three part how to video is a great place to start. In this guitar lesson you will learn how to play an acoustic guitar solo. This riff outlines basic chord shapes.

To make the soup, lay everything out. This includes the utensils and even the serving dishes. When you are ready, heat your wok and add oil.
1/2 teaspoon red chilly powder,toms lace shoes, adjust to tasteIn certain regions, the vegetable okra is known as “lady finger,” and is a common Pakistani dish. This video tutorial shows how to make crispy fried okra,toms cheap uk,cheap toms shoes, also known as bhindi. Deep fry the diced onions and greens until the onions turn brown.

A popular maker of all sorts of timepieces, Timex offers a solar powered alarm clock with numerous features. With this clock,toms sale shoes, you don’t have to worry about setting it as it does so automatically. Atomic Clock, so it is always as accurate as possible.

Begin by adding the extra greens on the wreath. No layout all the materials on the wreath before adding it on. Once finished outlining, glue the material on the wreath.
Though based on a true story, this is no by the book biopic. Nor is it a clichd sports movie about the triumph of the human spirit. Rush is a thrilling action film and a moving tale of an adversarial friendship, a kind of anti bromance that is as captivating as any love story.

The best exercises are the ones that you will do three times a week on alternating days. Aim for 12 to 15 reps and three to four sets. Can be done on a treadmill or on the ground outdoors.
Penne is a thin tube pasta that goes well with hearty sauces such as pesto and meat based marinara. “Rigate” in the name indicates that the penne has a ridged surface. The open tubes, which are 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches long,toms footwear sale, allow the sauce to fill through the middle, while the ridges help the sauce cling to the outside, giving you substantial flavor with each bite.

However, things didn’t quite work out that way. Once we arrived at Antonio Crisci’s latest venture, vineyard restaurant Poderi Crisci, time seemed to slow down in the most exquisite way.Nestled in the quiet valley of Awaawaroa Bay, at the far end of Waiheke Island, Antonio and his team have created a magical little slice of Italy. Crisci is already well known for having established the hugely successful Toto restaurant in Auckland City, Il Forno Cafe in Ponsonby and Italian bistro NSP in Parnell.In 2009 he was voted Outstanding Hospitality Personality of the Year at the prestigious Lewisham Awards,ladies toms sale, so it’s hardly surprising that his latest venture continues to reflect this passion for bringing the cuisine of his birthplace, Italy, to our shores.And so we settled ourselves at one of the patio tables,toms on sale, ordered glasses of chilled rose produced from the grapes on the surrounding hills, let out a collective sigh and proceeded to enjoy lunch in the style that Italians are famous for by slowly savouring multiple courses of lovingly prepared food, starting with salumeria (delicatessen) and side dishes to share, moving on to antipasto, then pasta and secondi and finishing with dolci and cheese .

Transfer to a frying pan over medium heat with the oil and cook until the garlic softens. Grill chicken, skin side down, for 30 40 minutes, basting regularly with the piri piri sauce, until charred and cooked through. In the last 5 minutes of cooking,toms shoes mens, add onions.

As far as food, Calaway Park offers everything from hot soft pretzels to the Pizza Subs restaurant that serves beer and coolers. Relive your youth as you bite into a cloud of pink cotton candy or a sweet and juicy candy apple found at the Sweet Toothe candy shop. The park is open weekends only during spring and fall and daily from the end of June until the beginning of September.

This Nokia N series phone was a flip type phone with a display that rotated 90 degrees. It had a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and was 2.4 inches in length. Also included on the Nokia N93 was a second display. To make tomato sauce, heat oil in a large saucepan on medium. Pan fry onion and garlic for 3 minutes, until soft. Add passata, 1 cups water and herbs.

The retaliation of the Indian State, its army and its forced resettlement measures drove the MNF to take up arms. The insurgency lasted from 1966 to 1986, a period during which violent and less violent periods alternated. The rebel government functioned from Burma, China and Bangladesh as the situation demanded.

As mentioned above, you may need to be logged in as the administrator to perform certain tasks within Windows. If you only have one account on your PC, there is a heavy chance that it is the administrator account. The exception to this is if you have somehow disabled the administrator account.

Meanwhile cook the penne in a pan of salted boiling water according to the packet instructions. Once cooked,tom shoes on sale, drain and pour into the pan with the sausage and tomato mixture. Mix well.
When it comes to sets and costumes, this take might barely edge out its two most noteworthy predecessors,toms sale womens, Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 version and the 1996 incarnation from Baz Luhrmann. The setting of Verona is luxe, filled with opulent estates, colorful frescoes and exquisite scenery. But none of that can make up for the fact that Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld aren’t remotely believable as the fervidly enamored Romeo and Juliet.

Children less than 18 years old are free with a paying adult. One pet is allowed to stay for free,tom shoes uk,toms kids sale. The First Watch restaurant and Bob Evans restaurant are within walking distance.
4. Say “no” to carpeting. It may look gorgeous, but carpeted floors are high maintenance and magnets for dust mites.

Satsuma age. (Photo by Flickr user cytech)Satsuma age proves that, like most things edible, minced fish paste benefits from a little time in the deep fryer. Originally from Kagoshima in Kyushu, these golf ball sized goodies can be made with a variety of vegetables slivers of gobo burdock root,buy toms shoes, chopped shiitake mushrooms and sliced onions.

The RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker program is capable of making CD labels and DVD labels. The program is very easy to use. You can simply select the type of label you want to create, select your design, and edit the text to siuit the CD or DVD label you are making.

Add the red pepper flakes and parsley and cook for 15 seconds. Season the shrimp with salt and pepper, add to the pan and cook until halfway cooked, about 3 minutes. Add the lemon zest and about cup of lemon broth.
Next,toms shoes london,toms shoes uk sale, measure the arms from elbow to wrist for the gauntlets. It’s important to size the helmet and gauntlets appropriately. The head must fit inside the helmet and the arms must go through the gauntlets.

We set some fairly lofty goals at the time and we were really looking to change the trajectory of Brinker. At the time, we were not performing and delivering to the level that we knew we could and you thought we should as we as well as we did. And so we’ve said, listen, we think,toms toddler shoes, based on some plans that we put in our on paper and the way we saw the future that we could significantly improve the profitability of the business.

The Raw Food Coach, Karen Knowler, shows us a very simple marinated vegetables recipe that makes a good alternative to salads or steamed vegetables. The raw vegetables used for this recipe are leeks,toms shoes, broccoli, zucchini (also known as courgette),toms shoe sale, and tomatoes. Suggestions for substitute vegetables, such as bell peppers and cauliflower, are also given.

Make sure it is thoroughly set for a few days before even attempting to remove the form. Trowel it onto the outside of the blocks. Dont put it on the countertop.
What exactly does this mean? Is Arginine a powerful alternate to Viagra? Perfectly, the solution is indeed and no. N contrast to Viagra, Arginine supplementation will not bypass the traditional stimulation system and trigger a right away erection. You can nevertheless need the psychological, visual, and bodily stimuli to incite and erection.

I feel it is almost an expected move on Google part to try and capture some of the market share currently held by eBay. The simple idea of placing a medium for buyers and sellers to complete online tractions in a somewhat safe environment was a great idea. Google already has the installed base of loyal users and could easily make a transition into online sales between users while collecting revenues from the transactions.

ConsiderationsBefore you plan a camping trip to Erie, consider the time of year you plan to travel. Most campgrounds in the area are only open from the beginning of May to the end of October. Presque Isle State Park is open year round.
Rinse out the stockpot, return the broth to the pot and place it on the hot burner. Shred or cut the chicken into bite size pieces and add them to the broth, along with any rice, vegetables or noodles desired in the finished soup. Simmer until everything is heated and cooked through.”Joy of Cooking” cautions cooks not to add much salt at the beginning of the cooking process.

Then do the same thing with the second wing. Next, cut off the chicken legs by running your knife down on the side of the chicken toward where the leg joint is. Bend it back until the joint pops. Why do I have to give some personal details when sending in my comments?We are trying to ask the bare minimum, as we want to encourage free debate. We generally ask you only once for your details,toms shoes for men, then send you an email to select a password and confirm your registration. It”ll only take a few moments and once you”ve registered you can submit a comment whenever you like.
,toms uk,toms sale uk.

I had been there about 4 weeks when siesta time arrived and Romeo Golf decided he needed me to do something. As a smart arse I figured that this order was not totally necessary, nor would it pass the scrutiny of a legal team. I declined and told Romeo Golf, that this was not on and I was refusing as this was not a lawful order.

Both starred for Georgetown. Creighton closes out its first Big East regular season against Providence on Saturday. Heat the oil to 375F (191C). Line a serving platter with a few paper towels. As the oil heats, create the wonton filling by stirring together the pumpkin, ricotta and salt in a large bowl.

Chidambaram Stadium in Chepauk men, women and children, who been drawn from places as far as Red Hills, Avadi and Ambattur to the stadium. Some of them don casino online know a thing about IPL. But they do know that they can make a living out of it by selling merchandise.

Serves 8Prep time 30 mins,kids toms shoes, cook 55 minsThese spice laden meatballs echo Middle Eastern flavours and are simple to prepare and cook. Mix with your hands until well combined. Roll tablespoons of mixture into balls and set aside on a tray. She shows you that the correct way to do it is to arrange in a single layer in a oven safe dish. Then she shows you how to arrange topping and cheese. The nachos are baked in the oven and possibly broiled for crispiness.

think he the most amazing person. He going to be 90 this year. I can believe it.
In this video, we learn how to use Spotify without any ads. First, you will need to download the program from: naspotify. Once you have this installed on your computer, open it up and open up Spotify.

They”re different from kitchen to kitchen and restaurant to restaurant. And whether that be the recipe or the serving size,toms shoes uk, it”s all over the map. So what I have for you here today to help make sense of it is a couple of different meatballs to look at.


Verdiende aandacht is een gevolg van gedrag. Hierbij geldt: Wie goed doet, goed ontmoet.

[Door Klaas Weima]


Bijna elke maand ontstaat wel weer een nieuw kanaal met een unieke belofte. Met het uitdijende marketingspeelveld wordt communicatie complexer. De digitalisering van media zorgt voor een verdere fragmentatie van de marketingboodschap. Meer prikkels zorgt ervoor dat mensen selectiever zijn en aandacht schaarser wordt. Hoe kun je als merk aandacht verdienen?

Verdiende aandacht is een gevolg van gedrag. Hierbij geldt het spreekwoord “Wie goed doet, goed ontmoet”. Als merken structureel betrokken zijn en eerst geven zonder daar direct iets voor terug te verwachten, dan neemt de likeability vroeger of later toe. Mensen relateren zich eerder met en praten meer over merken die zich persoonlijk en menselijk opstellen. KLM en Coolblue zijn daarvan de aansprekende voorbeelden. Maar hoe hebben zij dat gedaan? En vooral: hoe kom je zelf tot een verdiende aandacht-strategie?

Hiervoor ontwikkelde ik op basis van mijn gesprekken met vijftig ‘visionairs’ een praktische Reisplanner. Hierbij een samenvatting van de zes stappen die merken kunnen helpen in hun reis naar verdiende aandacht.

Vorm je persona’s
Veel marketeers maken al gebruik van persona’s om zich meer te verdiepen in hun klanten. Maar een merkpersona is minder gebruikelijk. Een brand persona helpt om de gedragseigenschappen van het merk te beschrijven. En het merk niet als instituut, maar als mens te omschrijven. Wat zijn de hobby’s van het merk? Wie zijn haar vrienden en vijanden? Waar ligt het merk ’s nachts wakker van? De Empathy Map van het bedrijf Xplane is een handig instrument om tot een goede persona te komen. Het resultaat is veel aansprekender dan de gemiddelde Brand Bible.

Definieer je doel
Wat wil je concreet met je casino verdiende aandacht-strategie bereiken? game download for mobile free Hierbij is focus belangrijk. Vaak zie ik in briefings soms wel acht doelstellingen terugkomen. Uiteindelijk zijn alle marcom-doelstellingen in te delen in vier kwadranten: merkbekenheid (1), merkvoorkeur (2), verkoop (3) en loyaliteit (4). Bij het maken van keuzes, is de ‘waarom?’-vraag een uitkomst. Als je denkt dat je de belangrijkste doelstelling hebt gevonden, laat dan een collega drie keer ‘waarom? vragen. Dit help om de vraag-achter-de-vraag te vinden.

Ontdek je methode
Er bestaat geen gouden formule om aandacht te verdienen. Er zijn meerdere methodes inzetbaar en combinaties mogelijk. De belangrijkste zijn storytelling, beleving, sociale invloed, betekenis en co-creatie. In de strategieformulering naar verdiende aandacht gaat het om een slimme inzet van methodes, zolang deze bij de waarden en het DNA van het merk past – wat je kunt toetsen aan de merkpersona. Nog belangrijker: zorg dat beloftes worden bewezen in de vorm van concreet gedrag en acties.

Volg de conversatie etiquette
De brandstof voor verdiende aandacht bestaat uit content en conversaties. Content is hot. Opmerkelijk, want goede communicatie gaat altijd al hand-in-hand met goede content (lees inhoud). Een goede commercial of printuiting is toch ook goede content? Wat digitale content met name nu interessant maakt is dat het makkelijk via diverse social-tools kan worden gedeeld, waardoor het verdiend bereik toeneemt. Goede content zorgt voor positieve conversaties. Slechte content doet het tegenovergestelde. Goede content is authentiek, creatief en sociaal. Slechte content is onecht, ongeloofwaardig en niet origineel.

Kies een optimale media-mix
Pas in de vijfde stap is het tijd om na te denken over de middelen- en kanaalkeuze. Welke betaalde kanalen zijn beschikbaar om mijn boodschap aan te jagen? Welke sociale kanalen zet ik in? Vergeet hierbij de eigen kanalen niet (website, mail, verpakking, winkel, DM, etc.). De kunst is om tot een evenwichtige verdeling te komen. Hybride communicatie dus

Evalueer en optimaliseer
Het grote voordeel van digitale communicatie is dat resultaten real-time meetbaar zijn. Tegenwoordig zijn vele geïntegreerde tools beschikbaar om de effectiviteit van je strategie te bepalen én bij te sturen. Bijvoorbeeld: Gecko Boards en Klipfolio. Vaak wordt vergeten om de strategie bij te sturen op basis van real-time data. Reserveer hier wel budget voor. In de praktijk zie ik dat een reservering van 10% van het realisatiebudget vaak voldoende is om de campagneresultaten te verdubbelen.

Dit artikel is geschreven door Klaas Weima, oprichter en managing director van Energize. Op 3 juni 2014 verzorgt hij tijdens de MarCom Academy een masterclass over verdiende aandacht.

Aanmelden kan hier

De reisplanner en het bijbehorende werkblad zijn gratis te downloaden.

(beeld: Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist. Artikel geplaats op:


  • blog_image_philip_kotler
Marketingprofessor Philip Kolter behoeft eigenlijk geen introductie. Met zijn standaarwerk “Marketing Management” en talloze andere boeken leverde hij een belangrijke bijdrage aan de marketingwetenschap. In zijn laatste boek “Marketing 3.0″ beschrijft Kolter dat mensen eerder kiezen voor merken die een diepere (spirituele) behoeften bevredigen. Kotler geeft zijn visie op deze nieuwe fase van marketing in een openhartig interview.

Door: Berber Hoekstra en Klaas Weima

U heeft uw leven gewijd aan marketing. Wat maakt marketing zo bijzonder?

“Marketing fascineert me. Het verandert iedere dag. Je kunt er nooit mee stoppen, als je dat wel doet dan kun je erop wachten dat de concurrent er met jouw business vandoor gaat. Ik ben opgeleid als econoom en op een dag kreeg ik het goede advies van de decaan aan de Northwest University om les te geven in marketing in plaats van economie. Marketing is volop in ontwikkeling, terwijl economische wetten al decennialang hetzelde zijn.” 

U blijft toch vooral bekend voor het populariseren van de vier P’s. Zijn deze niet allang achterhaald?

“De 4 P’s kun je zien als een soort archiefkast die brand managers nog steeds gebruiken. Je moet iets kunnen zeggen over het product, welke features belangrijk zijn, hoeveel het kost, waar het verkrijgbaar is en hoe je het product gaat promoten. Toch vragen veel mensen me of er nog meer P’s zijn. Bijvoorbeeld de P van Planet of de P van Packaging. Uiteindelijk is het aan de brand manager zelf om dit te beslissen. De huidige vier P’s zijn eigenlijk het kader dat dient als startpunt voor het ontwikkelen van een marketingstrategie. Ze gaan dus ook op voor de inzet van digitale marketing, denk bijvoorbeeld aan promotionele activiteiten via sociale media.”  Read more →

  • blog_image_dan_ariely
Een leugentje om bestwil. We doen het allemaal wel eens. Dan Ariely vertelt waarom. De afgelopen jaren heeft hij onderzoek gedaan naar het irrationele gedrag van de mens. Over keuzes die we onbewust maken. Hij is op zoek gegaan naar de ‘’waarheid’’ achter oneerlijkheid. Met de publicatie van zijn nieuwste boek Heerlijk Oneerlijk laat Ariely zien dat we allemaal liegen en vooral tegen onszelf. Wat maakt misleiden zo interessant? En hoe beïnvloedt het reclame?

Door: Klaas Weima en Eva Roos

Waarom ben je altijd zo geïntegreerd geweest in gedragseconomie?

‘’Mijn interesse gaat vooral uit naar irrationeel gedrag. Ik begon mijn onderzoekcarrière toen ik voor enige tijd in het ziekenhuis lag met zware brandwonden. Gedurende mijn tijd daar observeerde ik alles om mij heen. Na mijn ontslag uit het ziekenhuis begon ik een onderzoek naar de aanleiding van mijn bevindingen. Zo kwam ik erachter dat de behandelmethoden van mijn brandwonden niet de juiste waren. Terwijl de verpleegkundigen dachten dat ze elke dag het best mogelijke voor mij deden. Dit is slechts een klein voorbeeld waarin we de realiteit niet altijd correct zien. We denken dat we dingen op de juiste manier benaderen maar we doen precies het tegenovergestelde. De rol van de sociale wetenschap hierin is om ons te vertellen hoe we de wereld anders zouden kunnen bekijken. Hoe we de problemen kunnen oplossen. Het irrationele gedrag van de mens is iets wat we moeten proberen te begrijpen en te doorgronden.’’

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